Why we launched a startup service
About digital product development with deep tech
As an outsourcing IT development company, we are mature, having stayed on the market over a decade now. But to keep ourselves in shape we still stay a startup, developing our box solutions for healthcare, and as any other startup we go through a long road of finding a product market fit, validating a hypothesis, building an MVP and iterating.

We are lucky to have a team with very extensive experience in the area and well designed for scaling. We see that in our case, the product manager and product owner are two different people, looking in to two different sides of product development, which customers will love. We don't just develop; we provide a fully dedicated product owner who is the main friend for our startup partner.

Knowing how to effectively communicate with the developer team, our product owners enable the quickest possible development of the features which are crucial to build not just a product but desirability. This approach is not new, but rarely implemented in the right manner when talking about deep tech products empowered by machine learning algorithms or computer vision. We just give the time for the startup's product manager to deal with the market and customer journeys and focus on what the customer really needs, while we focus on something we know how to do quickly and right from the first time.

And we believe that the future of a tech startup's product development is in the successful mix of independent teams with the right expertise to build the specific product.
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